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Hinson Law, LLC helps individuals and businesses resolve disputes with their insurance companies. Darrell Hinson also works with other trial attorneys to help resolve complex insurance coverage and bad faith issues relating to their client’s case.

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In today’s legal environment, liability insurance is a necessity to protect personal and business assets. In exchange for the insurance customer’s payment of premiums, an insurance company must defend lawsuits and settle claims against its customer that are covered by the insurance policy. Legal disputes about liability insurance coverage often involve questions about whether a particular claim against a policyholder is covered under the terms of the policy or what the insurance company should do to protect its customer.

Hinson Law, LLC represents policyholders in a wide variety of disputes where an insurance company has denied coverage, failed to properly settle a liability claim against the policyholder, or refused to defend the policyholder in a lawsuit.

Hinson Law, LLC also represents policyholders who have been harmed by the exposure of their assets to a court judgment because their insurance company failed to appropriately handle the defense or settlement of a liability claim.

If your insurance company has refused to cover a claim, denied paying a claim, or is otherwise trying to back out of its responsibilities under the policy, please contact us.

If you are a lawyer representing a client whose insurance company has denied coverage or refused to defend a liability claim, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Insurance Litigation and Appeals

If the dispute cannot be successfully resolved out of court, Darrell Hinson represents policyholders in insurance coverage and bad faith litigation. These lawsuits may involve claims for declaratory judgment, bad faith, negligent failure to settle, or violations of insurance statutes.

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith:
Consulting & Co-Counsel Services

Hinson Law, LLC assists other lawyers and their clients with insurance recovery issues.

Serious personal injury and wrongful death cases often require extensive and thorough analysis of insurance issues to ensure the best possible result for the client. For example, careful interpretation and analysis of the applicable insurance policy, and the insurance company’s duties arising from that policy, can make the difference in whether or not the injured client actually collects on a judgment. When the circumstances warrant it, no stone should be left unturned.

Darrell Hinson collaborates with trial attorneys to help analyze, brief and argue insurance coverage and bad faith issues. He also appears as co-counsel in litigation to handle declaratory judgment actions and other insurance-related issues.

Darrell Hinson also assists other trial attorneys in representing their clients in cases against defendants whose insurance company has denied coverage or refused to defend the claim.

Hinson Law, LLC partners with other attorneys under fee structures that match the needs of the client and case, including hourly, flat rate, or contingency fees.

If you are a lawyer representing a client with a complex insurance coverage or insurance bad faith issue, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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